Insight About Major IT Projects

During my years of experience working for Owners and EPC companies, I have been exposed and affected by the implementation of major technology projects such as implementation of new ERP’S or Information Systems. In many cases, the experience has not been satisfactory, and as a stakeholder and user of the technology, the final result was far from my expectations. Checking ...

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Can I have a word with you, Elon?

The electric vehicle (EV) is the latest and greatest thing in the green energy market. Let's just forget for a second that the electricity to charge them is still generated using fossil fuels to motivate the prime mover. Solar power (photo-voltaic cells) are also a big market right now, and rightfully so; they are a free source of power, once ...

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Paris Agreement Impact – Designed to devastate the U.S. Economy

The Paris Treaty was meant to turn the U.S. economy into a globally-governed Socialist economy for climate justice’s sake. It was primarily the U.S. that was responsible for developing poor countries throughout the world and it’s not surprising that 195 countries signed on to it.

The draft of the treaty states: “Developed countries shall provide developing countries with ...

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“Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware” (LTO Investors)

Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware

Onecoin Ponzi Expose'

One would think that this concept would apply to Wall Street and Oil Companies buying and selling Shale LTO drilling deals that will never pay out or turn a profit.

[Caveat Emptor is Latin for Let the buyer beware.] A warning that notifies a buyer that the goods he or she ...

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Here's a question for you: What do the LTO (Light Tight Oil) industry and have in common? If you already know, you can stop reading. If you don't want to waste your lunch hour reading another article that's mostly opinions and conclusions, then I suggest you also stop reading.

If you want to read further, then you should ...

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Keeping it Light- The Fossil Fuel Free Challenge

enter image description here

If things are too serious today, take a minute out to recharge your carbon neutral batteries.

The Western Energy Alliance Website Link focuses on oil and gas issues, primarily in the Rocky Mountain Region. As watchdogs on legislative, regulatory and environmental actions that can unjustly impact oil and gas operations, they offer a good source of information on issues from ...

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How does one determine the limits/boundaries when performing seismic survey for shale oil?

That is a great question Nickson Mlay- Basically let's say that a vertical well is drilled and analysed from top to bottom with conventional well logs, hydrocarbon logs and a Sonic Log. The Sonic log will provide a signatured travel time curve "Delta-T" (slowness) and Acoustic Velocity across a formation filled with hydrocarbons, and formations that don't have hydrocarbons. The ...

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Delivery point & Natural Gas Pricing Hub

DEFINITION of 'Henry Hub'

A natural gas pipeline located in Erath, Louisiana that serves as the official delivery location for futures contracts on the NYMEX. The Henry Hub is owned by Sabine Pipe Line LLC and has access to many of the major gas markets in the United States. As of June 2007, the hub connects to four intrastate and ...

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Could Lithium Extraction from Produced Water Mitigate the Declining Oil Price?

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All may not be lost....

Depleted oil fields can end up producing vast quantities of produced water. At the current depressed oil price, widespread abandonment is already underway, however some of these facilities could become viable economic sources of vital minerals, extracted essentially at no incremental cost, save for treatment and purification.

Accelerated water production leading to abandonment is a ...

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Help Me With My Math…

I was looking at Enno Peters' data from Shale Profile and trying to figure out how the Light Tight Oil (LTO) industry was able to do all that they do. The numbers don't make sense to me, so I realize that I must have done something wrong. I am asking that those who are smarter than me - probably nearly ...

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Volcanism does not cause glaciations; let’s turn this statement on its head

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It is almost a truism that volcanic eruptions influence climate. Cold winters and even failed crops, particularly in the northern hemisphere, followed on the heels the Tambora, Krakatoa, and Pinatubo eruptions. But these climate aberrations were relatively short-lived, counted in years; the stratospheric aerosols and fine volcanic ash that reflect solar radiation back into space, eventually succumb to gravity and ...

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Consequences of not using life cycle impact analysis

Climate policy – The dire consequences of not implementing life cycle analysis

From cradle to grave, well to tank and tank to wheel, the life cycle of energy and its associated environmental impacts has been important for global climate efforts since the Rio UN Summit Agreement from 1992. The 1997 Kyoto Protocol’s key principles for handling the climate challenge are (Read more...)

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A burp and a hiccup; the volcanic contribution of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere

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Of the two certainties in life, volcanoes offer the most excitement (death and taxes are basically the same thing). They are magnificent while asleep; a primeval ruggedness that stirs the imagination. We paint them, we eulogise them. And when they awaken, we run for cover. Whether in a state of dormancy or high agitation, they leave an impression on our (Read more...)

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In Search of New Ideas to Revive Indonesias Oil Sector

I was honoured to be asked to write the following article for the Jakarta Post's special edition that was published for the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) 2017 Conference and Exhibition.

This article covers four main areas for oil and natural gas prospecting in Indonesia as follows: Prospective, quality and depth of geological data, regulations and incentives, and what needs to (Read more...)

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Harsh Truth About Climate Change Science

enter image description here Dr. John Christy

The question frequently comes up, why focus so much on Climate Change issues? The answer is simple. If the science isn't good and the political trajectory continues, millions of jobs in the coal, oil and gas industry will be destroyed world wide. If the science is good, then the oil and gas industry has an incredible history (Read more...)

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Contrails, analogues, and visualizing groundwater flow

enter image description here

This post follows on from A misspent youth serves to illustrate groundwater flow

Analogues and analogies. Standard dictionaries define these as a comparison, correspondence, or similarity between one thing and another, that can apply to concepts, ideas or physical entities. They are tools, used to illustrate concepts, particularly abstract ideas, to help explain phenomena or theories. Science makes frequent use (Read more...)

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