Power Pack: DUG Bakken Rockies 2020 Speaker Presentations

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This power pack includes all speaker presentations from DUG Bakken Rockies 2020. Video includes speakers' presentation slides, if applicable. Presentations are available via PDF direct download upon purchase. 

Opening Keynote: Weld D-J

HighPoint Resources, born from Rockies legend Bill Barrett Corp., is posting ever-greater ...

2020 OCTG Checkup + 2019 Annual Report

OSR Blog Photo Occidental Petroleum Corp. Courtesy © Jim Blecha Photography, Inc. www.oilandgasphotgraphers.com

Photo Occidental Petroleum Corporation Courtesy © Jim Blecha Photography, Inc. http://www.oilandgasphotographers.com

Susan Murphy | The OCTG Situation Report

Susan Murphy | Publisher + Editor-in-Chief

We often speak of the health of the oil patch in terms of the general state of the market, but it’s not often that it’s discussed in the broader context of the “human condition.” This year “health,” when considered in ...

Market Snapshot: Western Canadian conventional, tight, and shale oil production is expected to steadily grow to 2040

In 2019 53% of the conventional, tight, and shale oil produced in western Canada was heavy. The share of heavy oil production is projected to climb slightly in the near term as Saskatchewan ramps up some thermal heavy oil projects. The share of heavy oil production falls to 52% by 2040 as production from those projects level off and growth ...

Source: Canada Energy Regulator - Energy Reports

Surge Energy Inc. Confirms February 2020 Dividend

CALGARY, Feb. 17, 2020 /CNW/ – Surge Energy Inc. (“Surge” or the “Company”) (TSX: SGY) confirms that a cash dividend to be paid on March 16, 2020 in respect of February 2020 production, for the shareholders of record on February 29, 2020 will be $0.008333 per share.  The dividend is an eligible dividend for the purposes [Read more]

Market Snapshot: Retail pump sales of gasoline and diesel make up most of the transportation sector’s energy demand

Over the last two decades, energy demand from Canada’s transportation sector has grown by 30%, from 2 065 petajoules in 1995 to 2 858 PJ in 2018. Most of this growth was from retail pump sales, mainly for gasoline and diesel, which grew 583 PJ over the same time period. In 2018, retail pump sales made up 62% of the ...

Source: Canada Energy Regulator - Energy Reports

US Energy Secretary: Impact of Coronavirus on Energy Markets Hasn’t Been Dr

The novel coronavirus has not had a dramatic effect on energy markets, US Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said on Friday, according to Reuters, though the effect on the market could worsen if the virus continues to spread, he added. “I think the impact has been marginal,” Brouillette said. But the oil price slide since the beginning of the year—trigged by …

Market Snapshot: Canadian natural gas liquid production is expected to continue rising in the long term

NGL production grows more than 80% over the projection period. Growth is dominated by condensate, whose production more than doubles by 2040 to help supply diluent demand in the oil sands. Propane and butane production also increase over the projection period. Demand for propane and butane increases in the mid-term as petrochemical use in Alberta and propane and butane exports ...

Source: Canada Energy Regulator - Energy Reports

Principle Commissioning Advisor (#559165036)

Posted: 03 February 2020 at 15:29   Expires: 03 April 2020 at 15:29

Posted In: Management > Commissioning

Location: Qatar

We are seeking to recruit on behalf of our client a PRINCIPLE COMMISSIONING ADVISOR to work in our client’s Commercial Optimization Department based in QATAR on a long-term residential contract to look after the commercial interests of the client and …