Tech Paper: Numerical Maximization of the Secondary Polymer Flooding Value in a Mature, Offshore, Heavy Oil Reservoir

Methodology helps improve the chances of finding the maximum net present value solution

Successfully implementing polymer flooding and maximizing benefits requires selecting best options of variables such as polymer concentration and slug, and number and location of new wells. Option-decisions combined generate thousands of scenarios. Therefore, even using smart algorithm optimizers to efficiently find the maximum of a business objective ...

Source: Halliburton

Maximize FCCU to Increase Propylene and Petrochemical feedstocks

FCC, CatCracker, CatCracking, Fluid Catalytic Cracking, propylene, revamps, refcomm, Refining Community,Increase Propylene and other Petrochem Feedstocks with FCCU Revamp

The FCCU (Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit) has been the heart and economic driver of refinery profitability for over 75+ years! The FCC process has evolved in design, operating conditions, cracking catalysts and additives. This has resulted in units having the ability to operate in various modes with a flexibility in various ...

Source: Refining Community